What is a convertible bridesmaid dress

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Your wedding day is not only a special day for you, but also for close sisters! If you are looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress for them. Then you are very lucky to meet your new good friend: convertible bridesmaid dress!

Convertible dress is also known as “Infinity dress”, “Multiway dress” or “Wrap dress”.  It has more than 100 different ways of wearing. So your bridesmaids can create their own styles according to their body shape and preference.

Dusty blue infinity bridesmaid dress

At first glance, isn’t this a common bridesmaid dress? Although the design is elegant, it is not changeable.

Don’t worry, look! Beautiful models easily play out more than 10 shapes, just a simple dress, so magical!

How does the Convertible Dress realize all kinds of changes? In fact, it’s very simple, it’s ingenious design. Her waist is attached with 2 extra long belts, so bridesmaids can wrap 100+ ways of lovely wearing ways: strapless, halter, Greek style, long sleeves, one shoulder, open back, ect. Wear whatever you want!

In addition, the convertible Dress also provides more than 22 popular colors. So honey, whether you’re having a large, formal wedding in a fancy ballroom or a backyard barn wedding on a hay-filled farm,you’ll always find color you want.

The material is made of high-quality elastic soft fabric, you can rest assured that the bridesmaid will feel satisfied and comfortable in the convertible dress.

12 Ways to wear Convertible dress tutorial

Watch more Convertible Bridesmaid Dress tutorials

Customize your convertible Bridesmaid Dress

Let your beautiful bridesmaids customize their favorite looks with the versatile selection of convertible dress.

With unique design and various styles, your bridesmaids will love to play this dress to create a comfortable and beautiful style for them!


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