Tips for choosing the Best Maternity Bridesmaid Dress

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Hi bride, do you have pregnant bridesmaids in your wedding party? If so, you may think maternity bridesmaid dress shopping will be tough. After all, a pregnant woman’s body is rapidly changing, and ordinary bridesmaid dress cannot adapt to the baby bump.

Maternity Bridesmaid Dress

Don’t worry, 4 tips on how to order pregnant bridesmaid dresses have been prepared for you. Plus, we’ll show you the most comfortable (and stunning) styles for a pregnant bridesmaids!

Tips for Pregnant Bridesmaids: Maternity Bridesmaid Dress

Sizing You Up

As a general rule, mom-to-be bridesmaids should add an inch to each measurement for every remaining month of pregnancy before the wedding day. For instance, if the wedding is 2 months away, then account for an additional 2 inches to your current bust, waist and hip measurements.

Friendly Tips If you are 7-9 months pregnant at the wedding, you should not only consider the size, but also consider purchasing extra fabric for alterations.  With a large bump, your bridesmaid dress may lose too much length in the front. So, providing extra matching fabric to your seamstress will be extremely helpful!

Choose Dress Styles with Empire Waistlines

Empire waist dresses are the most flattering dress style for a bridesmaid with a baby bump! It will drape over your bump, no matter how big or small.

Comfortable Fabric

Pregnant women can be a little more sensitive to scratchy fabrics and uncomfortable details like sequins. It might be a good idea to avoid those and go a bit simpler, stretchier and softer.

Coordinating colors and style

The best pregnant bridesmaid can perfectly match the rest of the bridesmaid and bridal parties and feel very comfortable! If it is difficult to find the perfect matching maternity dress, please consider choosing a multiway dress. A multiway dress will fit before, during and after the pregnancy and no alterations necessary!

Maternity infinity Bridesmaid Dress

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