Infinity dress style: 17 classic ways to wear

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Can you imagine a dress with 100 ways to wear it? This sounds incredible! But infinity dress is a wonderful invention that allows you to style it in so many different styles, and it always fits you like it was made -to-measure. You can hardly believe it!

infinity bridesmaid dress

What is infinity dress?

The Infinity Dress is a very popular Multiway Dress for it’s ability to adjust to different styles and body shapes. Also known as convertible dress. So whether you are petite or grande, have a large or small bosom, tiny or generous hips, a round or flat bottom, broad shoulders . . . you name it, this dress will fit it!

How to wear?

You can adjust the wrap way of the belt to create more than 100 different styles: backless, sleeves, one shoulder, halter, strapless, etc!

If you are preparing for a wedding, please make sure you do not miss the following styles.

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