How to style an Infinity Dress to perfectly suit your body type

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Infinity dress can design more than 100 different looks. Because everyone’s body shape is not the same, how can you learn to create your own style according to your body shape?

Pear shape – most girls are pear shape. It is important to balance hips and shoulders while showing curves. The key is to highlight your top half.

Infinity dress is the best choice for pear shaped girls. By adjusting the belt, you can create a variety of styles on your top half! One shoulder, Twist shoulder,  strapless and so on! All sorts of flattering ways take the focus away from the bottom half.

Strapless infinity dress styles
one shoulder infinity dress styles

Apple shape- An apple shaped-body is heavy in the middle and above the waist. There is no obvious waist line for this kind of figure to wear clothes, so we can improve the waist line through the infinity dress. So that others will not see the real position of your waist, which diverts other people’s attention from your waist.

With the waistline, it not only makes people look better in proportion, but also makes you look more energetic.

Recommended style:Twisted Off-The-Shoulder style

H shape – the most obvious feature of H shape is that there is no curve in the whole body. Straight up and down body. When choosing the style, the most important thing is the waist design, which is the key to increase the curve of H-shape figure. The cap sleeve infinity dress can be used to enhance the fullness of the whole body and highlight the waist curve, and the lines of the whole person will look much softer.

cap sleeve infinity dress styles

X-shape – X-shape is a perfect figure, and it looks very good in any style of dress. There are 100 ways to wear infinity dresses for you choose.

infinity dress styles
Blackless Infinity Dress Style

The best way to look is to find the most suitable style for your body. Infinity dress can find the most suitable style to decorate it no matter what defect you have in your body.


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