How to choose the bridesmaid dress color that complements the bride

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Bridesmaid dresses are such a huge focus on the wedding day, so it’s important that you choose a dress color that you really love. But choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress that will make everyone happy is probably the most difficult wedding planning feat of all. Fortunately, I’ve got some simple tips to help you narrow down your options to pin-point the perfect palette for your big day!

infinity bridesmaid dress fabric samples


Your venue will literally set the stage for your wedding day so choose colors that complement the space.

Are you planning a garden party wedding? Bridesmaid dresses in pastel colors and soft shades will fit this setting like a dream. Saying “I do” by the sea? Consider opting for bridesmaid dresses in shades of blue to match the sea and sky.

Beach wedding and Turquoise Bridesmaid Dress

Consider the season

Get inspiration from the seasons, and you can never go wrong. What wedding colors do you think of when you think about the four seasons of the year? I think of  Jewel tones for the Fall like Burgundy, Burnt Orange and Grape purple. Pastel palettes look fantastic in the Spring as do yellows. The bright colors of pinks and purples in the sunshine of the Summer can look fantastic.

Burnt orange bridesmaid dress and Fall wedding color

Be consistent with the wedding theme

If there is a colour running through the flowers, invites and decorations it looks lovely to have the bridesmaids in this same colour.

In my opinion, choosing your wedding colors is one of the hardest wedding decisions you’ll have to make. If you’re anything like me, you’re indecisive, overwhelmed by the amount of gorgeous color options, check out these 6 helpful tips on how to choose your wedding theme color.

Burgundy wedding color and INFIWING  infinity dress
Sage and Lavender Wedding Theme and INFIWING infinity bridesmaid dress
Dusty Blue Wedding Theme and INFIWING infinity bridesmaid dress

Consider multiple bridesmaid dress colors

Mix-and-match trends are huge now, select a few similar shades of different colors to create a wedding color palette. So , perhaps all in purple but in different shades so that they are still identifiable as your Bridesmaids.

Purple INFIWING infinity bridesmaid dress

Find your ideal bridesmaid dress

How do you make one bridesmaid dress suit everyone? I have seen more brides choose multiway dresses. One dress can be worn in 100 ways. This allows each of your bridesmaids to choose the style that suits her figure, so that they can feel happy and confident in their dresses and enjoy their very special role on the wedding day.

INFIWING infinity bridesmaid dress
INFIWING mix and match infinity bridesmaid dress


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