How do you tie a bridesmaid dress

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Hello, brides to be!

It’s so precious to have the dear friends around you on your most important day!

What you can do for them is to find a comfortable and beautiful bridesmaid dress to let them show their best state: confident, beautiful and generous. Moreover, it can serve you better.

Frankly, it’s hard to find bridesmaid dresses that satisfy everyone because they don’t have the same body size and personal preferences. In this case, infinity bridesmaid dress is your best choice.

Infinity Bridesmaid Dress
Halter, one shoulder, cap sleeve styles

The two straps cleverly designed by Infinity Bridesmaid Dress create infinite possibilities through simple wrapping; in other words, at your wedding, you may have a bridesmaid in a classic sweetheart neckline dress, a bridesmaid in a sexy backless dress, a bridesmaid in a cross or one shoulder dress! Imagine!

So the infinity bridesmaid dress just needs a little creativity to get the perfect look easily.

Here are 7 classic video tutorials that wrap infinity bridesmaid dresses in a comfortable and flattering style, but they are totally unique!

Buckle Waist

Watch the video on how to tie the Buckle Waist look

Put the straps on your shoulders and cross them at your back. Cross it from the waist to the front, then put it back and tie it. It’s a beautiful, classic look that we love!

The sweetheart neckline

Watch the video on how to get a sweetheart neckline

When the bridesmaids want to cover the tops of their arms, you can cover a lot by simply pulling down the shoulder strap. And you can pull the fabric through to get a really nice sweetheart neckline..

The Grecian twist

Watch the video on how to do the Grecian twist

Grecian twist style is suitable for most figures, and it can be called the perfect style. Imagine your girl walking the aisle in this style – perfect!

One shoulder asymmetrical

Watch the video on how to get an asymmetric look

If one of your bridesmaids has a wide shoulder, try this style, asymmetrical look, to draw the eye to one side. This style is very elegant, suitable for bridesmaids of all ages.

The dancing style

Watch the video on how to get the Dancing style

This style will be amazing for a full bodied woman. If your bridesmaid wants to feel extra confident and complimented on a big day, this style suits them.

The strapless style

Watch the video on how to get the strapless style

This style is one of our favorite, elegant and charming!

The classic look with a Bandeau

Watch the video on how to get a classic look with more coverage

Now it’s time for your girl to freely choose an infinity bridesmaid dress that can express her personality and body style, and witness your happiest moment with the most confident side!


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