How to choose the theme of Fall Wedding-7 Burgundy Fall Wedding color schemes make your wedding stand out

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Beautiful leaves, clear weather, full and juicy fruits, these classic elements represent fall, but also with exclusive seasonal outline, fall wedding has a unique beauty. Burgundy is a classic wedding color and is widely used in fall weddings. It combines with other colors to make your wedding stand out!

Orange + Burgundy

Burgundy, it is rich and attractive, retro and noble, and orange is the most energetic and enthusiastic color. Burgundy and orange, rich and delicate color combination, will be a good choice. Use them to decorate Fall weddings, from Burgundy or orange bridesmaid dresses, wedding cakes to bouquets, wedding arches, core decorations, etc.

Burgundy & Orange fall wedding color

Grey + Burgundy + white

Grey is a neutral color, which can set elegant colors for your wedding. White wedding dresses and grey bridesmaid dresses are good for each other. It will be great to combine grey with Burgundy and white in the Fall wedding. Grey wedding cake and tablecloth, grey men’s suits, white and Burgundy green bouquets, etc.

Grey Burgundy white fall wedding color

Navy + Burgundy

Navy and Burgundy are one of fall’s favorite palettes. The two colors contrast and look classic: the girl in the Navy Blue bridesmaid dress looks so elegant.

Navy Burgundy fall wedding color

Burgundy + gold

In this fall and winter season, change the dull color and add color to your wedding with shining gold. Gold and Burgundy are a brand new color palette. We like the richness that this color combination provides.

Burgundy gold fall wedding color

Champagne + Burgundy

Champagne and Burgundy are a gorgeous palette. The girl in the champagne bridesmaid dress standing next to the bride is really lovely. The champagne wedding cake is decorated with Burgundy flowers, table arrangements, invitations, and every detail looks exquisite.

Champagne Burgundy fall wedding color

Burgundy + Green

Warm Burgundy and cool green are the perfect combination of fall, with the most elegant and classic feeling. The girl in the Burgundy bridesmaid’s dress looks charming with a green bouquet.

Burgundy Green fall wedding color

Burgundy + peach + Green

The beautiful Burgundy, peach and green wedding color concept is very suitable for the autumn wedding in 2020. There are many ways to integrate Burgundy into your wedding schedule, such as Burgundy’s bridesmaid dress, wedding cake inlaid with Burgundy and peach blossom, Burgundy decoration, etc.

Burgundy peach green fall wedding color

Burgundy is the perfect complement to any fall or winter palette. The Burgundy wedding will definitely impress you.

After choosing the theme color, we should also pay attention to the choice of other colors in the wedding. Like bridesmaids dress. Because bridesmaid dress is a big focus on the wedding day, choosing it correctly can make your wedding more perfect.

A good bridesmaid dress should be fashionable and changeable. Because each bridesmaid’s body shape and style are different, infinity bridesmaid dress will be your best choice.

3 Advantages of infinity dress

1. High quality fabric

Infinity dress is made of Spandex / polyester blend, which is elastic and has a good sagging feeling. It makes your bridesmaid share this beautiful day with you easily and comfortably on the wedding day.

2. Different ways to wear it

One dress can tie 100 different looks in different ways, so bridesmaids can dress them according to their needs and preferences. Every Bridesmaid in infinity dress looks beautiful.

3. Wide rage of color options

Infinity dresses has more than 100 gorgeous colors to meet the needs of your wedding palette. It is recommended that you choose a color that matches your wedding theme. If you put a color on flowers, invitations and decorations, the bridesmaids will look lovely in the same color.

The infinity bridesmaid dress is made up of a skirt and two long straps, which you can easily wrap around your upper body to create many different styles! One shoulder, sleeve, halter, strapless and so on!

Infinity Dress video tutorials

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