Best 6 Dusty Blue wedding color schemes for 2020, learn them quickly

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2020, if you are preparing for a chic spring or summer wedding and looking for fresh and romantic colors, then I don’t think you want to miss the blue trend of Dusty Blue.

With its soft and subtle attraction, dusty blue is sweeping the whole wedding industry, exuding romance, elegance and various aesthetic feelings. Here are 6 dusty blue color palettes to compare and choose from!

Dusty blue

Dusty blue wedding theme

Cream + Dusty blue

Dusty blue & Cream Wedding Theme

Greenery + Dusty blue

Dusty  Blue & Green wedding theme

Gold + Dusty blue

Dusty Blue & Gold wedding theme

Peach + Dusty blue

Dusty Blue & Peach wedding color

Blush Pink + Dusty blue

Dusty blue & Blush Pink wedding theme

Dusty blue is so subtle that it looks the most beautiful when used alone or in combination with other colors, making it a smart choice for bridesmaid dresses.

As the bride to be, please don’t hesitate to dress the bridesmaid in Dusty Blue, which will bring special charm to your wedding. Take inspiration from the soft dusty blue color!

Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dress
Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dress
Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dress


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