5 sexy ways to wear Infinity dress, women must learn!

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Infinity dress is the perfect dress for every occasion! Here, follow our simple tutorials, step by step to create 5 SEXY wearing looks!


The strapless style can perfectly show your beautiful shoulders and collarbone lines.

Ways 1:

Strapless infinity dress styles
  • Place Straps over shoulders.
  • Place right strap over left bust and wrap around back.
  • Place left strap over right bust and wrap around back.
  • At back cross straps and wrap around to front
  • Tuck front panels in strapless bar and adjust at waist to desired width.
  • Bring straps around to back once more and tie in a bow or knot.

Ways 2:


If you are looking for a style suitable for small chest, then the best choice for you is the blackless! This style makes the girl with small breasts slightly sexy.

Blackless Infinity Dress Style
  • Place straps over shoulders and twist each into a narrow strap.
  • Continue twisting both straps and wrap around shoulder.
  • Cross straps in front and bring around to back.
  • Tie at back in bow or know
  • Adjust ties at front to desired width

Negative space style

This clever, sexy package can draw your attention to the cleavage.

Infinity Bridesmaid Dress
  • Pull the belt away from the center and toward the back under the breast.
  • Place the strap across your back and shoulders in front of you.
  • Wrap the strap around your breast, and continue to wrap the strap around your waist to fix them, and tie them in front or back.

Halter Infinity Dress Style

Ways 1:

Halter Infinity Dress Styles
  • Place straps over shoulders,place right strap over left shoulder and left strap over right shoulder.
  • At back neck twist straps together down center back to waist and bring straps around front.
  • Adjust front panels and ties at waist to desired width
  • Bring straps around again to back and tie in a bow or knot.

Ways 2:

Halter bow Infinity Dress style

Being sexy doesn’t necessarily mean showing a lot of skin. Show off your playful and sexy side by tying a bow directly behind your neck and hanging it down like a long scarf.

Halter Bow Infinity Dress Styles
  • Put on your clothes and tie both belts around your neck.
  • Make a knot and a bow at the back of the neck. Let the straps sag.

More Than This!

This dress can also be wrapped into an amazing sleeves dress, twisted Middle back, and any other look you can imagine!


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